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Equitrade is a worldwide wholesale and import- & export agency for equestrian products and is serving the industry since 1992 !

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Online-Shop notice to consumers: If you want to purchase please contact any of our dealers. If you cannot find a dealer in your area contact us because in some countries/aereas without trade partners we can supply direct. After transmitting your order online you can select an Equitrade-dealer of your choice.

Recent currency turbulences have resulted in many price drops. Prices are guaranteed until 31st of March 2020.

Serving the trade since 1992 !

18.3.2020 - Corona-Update ! We just want to let you know that all Equitrade-activities are maintained as usual regardless the Corona-Emergeny situation. If you have any questions or queries about products or deliveries you can contact us anytime ! 98% of all our onlineshop-products are currently held on stock (as usual !)